Community Nursing Dissertation Topics

Top 10 Trending Community Nursing Dissertation Topics

Are you a nursing student struggling to find the perfect topic for your community nursing dissertation? Search no further! This article unveils the best community nursing dissertation topics to capture your interest and impress your professors. Community nursing plays a critical role in healthcare, focusing on providing care and support to individuals and families in their communities.

Selecting the right dissertation topic is vital to showcase your expertise and contribute to the field. Our curated list of topics covers a wide range of intriguing subjects. We have carefully handpicked these topics based on their relevance, significance, and potential for further research.

In addition, you will find a topic that aligns with your passion and allows you to make a meaningful contribution to community nursing. This is whether you are passionate about mental health, gerontology, or public health policies. Get ready to dive into the realm of community nursing research and discover the perfect dissertation topic that will elevate your academic journey.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Community Nursing Dissertation Topic

When selecting a community nursing dissertation topic, numerous factors must be considered. Firstly, it is essential to consider the relevance of the topic. You ask yourself, is it an issue currently affecting the community nursing field? Does it address a gap in knowledge or practice?

Additionally, think about the potential for further research. Will your topic bestow the existing literature body and open avenues for further exploration? Finally, consider the availability of resources. Ensure adequate literature, data, and expert opinions are available to support your research.

Top 10 Community Nursing Dissertation Topics

Community nursing shows the significance of social intervention in healthcare. This is specifically for the elderly or disabled and is a generic term for school and health or district nursing. If you are searching to base your nursing dissertation in this area, the following topic suggestions may assist you. Let us explore the top 10 community nursing dissertation topics together.

The Care of the Elderly Outpatients and Community Nursing Services

This community nursing dissertation topic aims at how healthcare services are equipped for elderly individuals who receive medical care while living independently in their communities rather than in hospitals. Furthermore, it explores the numerous aspects of caring for elderly outpatients.

These aspects may include their specific healthcare needs, the role of community nursing services in delivering this care, and the challenges experienced by both healthcare providers and elderly patients in this context.

Moreover, the research aims to enhance the quality of care and support for elderly outpatients within their communities. Therefore, addressing the distinctive requirements of this aging population.

Assessment of Nutritional Status of Children as an Essential Part of Community Nursing

This topic evaluates children’s overall health and well-being by assessing their nutritional status. In essence, it aims to comprehend if children in a specific community receive the proper nutrients they need for growth and development.

By conducting evaluations and surveys, this research will investigate whether children have access to proper nutrition and whether any nutritional deficiencies or issues exist. However, the goal is to highlight the importance of nutritional assessment in community nursing and foster interventions that can enhance children’s health through better nutrition.

The Provisions for Integrated Community Nursing Services and its Impact on Individual Health Costs

A community nursing dissertation on this topic explores how the availability and utilization of integrated community nursing services affect the healthcare expenses of individuals. In addition, it aims to inspect whether integrating various healthcare services at the community level can lead to cost savings for individuals while still maintaining or enhancing their overall health.

Significantly, it evaluates how well-coordinated and comprehensive community nursing care can lessen the financial burden on individuals pursuing healthcare assistance.

Health Promotion Through Community Nursing Practice

This dissertation topic explores how nurses working in local communities can ardently foster and enhance people’s health. It entails studying community nurses’ numerous strategies and approaches to motivate healthy behaviors, prevent illnesses, and enhance overall well-being. This is within individuals and groups in their communities.

In addition, the dissertation aims to explore the role of community nurses in educating and empowering individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices promoting a culture of wellness. Furthermore, it explores the role of community nurses in contributing to the betterment of public health at the community level.

The Collaborative Roles of GPs, Nurses, Social Workers, and Policy Makers in a Community Nursing Center

This community nursing dissertation topic explores how distinct professionals, including General Practitioners (GPs), nurses, social workers, and policymakers, work together in a community nursing center.

In addition, it aims to comprehend their collaborative roles and how they bestow the community’s overall well-being. This research will likely inspect these professionals’ communication, coordination, and decision-making processes. This is to enhance healthcare services and outcomes within the community setting.

The Use of Community Nursing Services by Patients Following Surgical Procedures

This dissertation explores how patients utilize nursing services in their local communities after surgical procedures. Moreover, it inspects factors such as the types of nursing care needed, the frequency of visits, and their effectiveness in assisting patients in recovering and managing their post-surgery condition.

The study provides insights into how healthcare providers can better support patients during their recovery process within their neighborhoods. Ultimately enhancing the overall quality of post-surgical care. However, by examining the role of community nursing in post-operative care.

The Role of Community Nursing in Improving Quality of Life of the Elderly

This dissertation explores how community nurses can improve the overall well-being of older individuals. In addition, it investigates how community nurses provide care and support to the elderly in their homes and neighborhoods, with the ultimate goal of enhancing their quality of life.

Moreover, the study may delve into specific interventions, communication strategies, or healthcare programs. These programs address the distinctive needs and difficulties encountered by elderly individuals. Ultimately, the study highlights the vital role that community nursing plays in fostering a better quality of life for this aging population.

Community Nursing for the Care of Elderly Suffering from Chronic Illnesses

This dissertation topic explores how community nurses provide care to elderly individuals who are living with chronic illnesses. Additionally, it focuses on comprehending the distinctive challenges and strategies involved in delivering healthcare services to this vulnerable population within their homes and local communities.

Furthermore, the study examines the role of community nurses in managing chronic conditions. This fosters quality of life, and enhances the overall well-being of elderly patients. However, considering factors such as patient autonomy, family involvement, and healthcare access.

A Comparative Study of Community Nursing and Healthcare Needs in Different Cities

This dissertation topic aims to investigate and compare the nursing and healthcare requirements in various sites. Additionally, it involves analyzing the distinctive healthcare challenges and demands experienced by communities in different urban areas.

The research intends to recognize patterns and variations in community health needs by studying these differences. These needs can inform the development of more tailored and practical nursing and healthcare services for each city, improving residents’ overall health and well-being.

An Evaluation of Community Nursing Services Available for Pregnant Women and Neonates

This dissertation aims to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of healthcare services. These are services provided by community nurses to pregnant women and newborn babies. In addition, it aims to investigate how well these services support the health and well-being of expectant mothers and neonates in the local community.

Furthermore, the study may examine the accessibility, responsiveness, and overall impact of community nursing programs. However, to recognize potential areas for enhancement to improve the care and support provided to pregnant women and newborns in the community.


Selecting a community nursing dissertation topic is a vital step in showcasing your expertise and contributing to the healthcare field. This article has provided a diverse range of compelling topics that align with numerous areas of interest and address pressing issues within community nursing. These areas of interest may include mental health, gerontology, and public health policies.

These topics emphasize the significance of well-coordinated care for different populations, from the elderly to children and pregnant women. In addition, they highlight the role of community nurses in enhancing the overall quality of life and healthcare outcomes.

You can embark on a meaningful academic journey by selecting one of these topics. Therefore making valuable contributions to the vital field of community nursing.

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