How Do You Make Nursing School Easier?

How Do You Make Nursing School Easier?

Nursing school is widely reckoned as one of the most challenging academic programs, requiring students to master hulking knowledge and develop specialized cleverness. An accelerated nursing degree condenses this rigorous education into an intense 12-16 month program, amplifying the demands.

However, while the packed schedule, complex curriculum, board exam preparation, personal stress, and limited free time pose hurdles, targeted strategies can ease the pressure and empower students to excel. Approaching studies with focus, self-care, and peer support smooths the journey through nursing school, ensuring graduates emerge fully prepared for the noble profession of caring for others.

This article explores proven techniques to help manage the challenges of an accelerated nursing program and unlock the most rewarding educational experience.

What Makes Nursing School Hard?

Nursing school is often considered challenging due to a combination of factors requiring students to possess diverse skills and knowledge. Here are some reasons why nursing school can be challenging:

  • Demanding schedule
  • Complex nursing curriculum
  • NCLEX studying alongside school
  • Personal stress
  • Limited free time

Demanding Schedule

The intense schedule is one of the biggest hurdles of an accelerated nursing program like the one at UIW. Though you can finish in just 16 months, those 16 months require nearly all your time and attention. In addition, you’ll have to dedicate most of your days to studying, leaving little room for anything beyond the demands of school.

Between online coursework, skills practice, simulations, and clinical rotations, your days will be packed from morning to night. Moreover, adjusting to an accelerated nursing student’s busy, school-centered routine requires adjustment. The program requires a significant time commitment, as academics must be your priority during those 16 demanding months.

Complex Nursing Curriculum

Aspiring nurses, buckle up! Your journey through the accelerated program won’t just be about juggling a jam-packed schedule; it’s about diving headfirst into a demanding 62-credit curriculum. Why the intensity? Because registered nurses hold lives in their hands.

Therefore, mastering this fast-paced knowledge is the foundation of your future responsibility, and taking it seriously is the first step towards becoming the exceptional caregiver you’re meant to be.

NCLEX Studying Alongside School

Nursing school is a demanding journey, juggling a mountain of knowledge with the ever-present NCLEX-RN, the gateway to your registered nurse license. While most take the exam within two months of graduation, dedicated students begin preparing well in advance.

The good news? The University of the Incarnate Word’s nursing curriculum doesn’t just equip you with knowledge; it trains you for the NCLEX. Their exams mimic the NCLEX style because mastering those tricky questions takes deliberate practice, making you not just exam-ready but ready to excel as a future nurse.

Personal Stress

The intense workload and high expectations of nursing school can trigger stress and anxiety, especially for busy students juggling studies with other commitments. Deadlines, exams, and self-imposed pressure to excel can feel overwhelming.

However, the initial stress tends to wane as you settle into the ABSN program and refine your study techniques. Growing confidence in your preparation and a supportive network of loved ones and peers can further ease the pressure, reminding you that success is within reach.

Limited Free Time

Balancing life while in the UIW ABSN program will be an intense juggling act. Your studies take center stage, meaning other commitments often must wait in the wings. Expect hectic schedules with precious few pockets of free time – those weekend marathons of hobbies might need to be paused.

Saying no to social gatherings may become necessary to prioritize coursework. Moreover, it’s a demanding shift, but remember, this isn’t forever. This 16-month sprint will equip you with skills and knowledge that will empower you for a lifetime in nursing. The temporary sacrifices pave the way for a future brimming with professional satisfaction. So, buckle down, prioritize wisely, and know that the rewards ahead are worth the focused effort.

Study Tips to Make Nursing School Easier

Studying in nursing school can be challenging due to the vast amount of information and the need for practical application of knowledge. However, several study tips can help make nursing school easier and more manageable:

  • Follow the nursing exam study guide
  • Study a little every day
  • Focus on the material covered in class
  • Think in terms of action, not facts
  • Form a study group
  • Skim-read first
  • Use outside sources

Follow the Nursing Exam Study Guide

Sharpening your nursing studies for the NCLEX can be a strategic focus. NCLEX guides highlight critical subject areas and familiarize you with the exam’s question format. While the NCLEX doesn’t encompass everything a nurse needs, mastering its content builds confidence and lays a strong foundation for your studies, ultimately prepping you for the exam and your future career.

Study a little Every Day

Ditch the last-minute frenzy! Cramming won’t stick when it comes to nursing studies. Instead, embrace bite-sized learning. Dedicate daily chunks, even small ones, to tackle the material. This consistent approach, spread throughout the week, will ease the pressure and solidify your knowledge, leaving you confident and prepared.

Focus on the Material Covered in Class

Feeling overwhelmed by mountains of assigned reading? Don’t sweat it! Prioritize like a pro by using lectures as your roadmap. Instead of meticulously dissecting every chapter, pay close attention to what your instructor emphasizes in class.

What topics get the most airtime? What key points are repeatedly hammered home? Focus your studying on these crucial areas, and watch your workload shrink while your understanding soars. Remember, efficient studying is about strategy, not brute force.

Think in Terms of Action, not Facts

While mastering medical science is crucial for nurses, excelling in exams isn’t the sole focus. Patients primarily seek relief and well-being, not a mere understanding of their ailments. So, as you delve into textbooks, remember to ask: “How will this knowledge translate into tangible improvement for my patients?” This patient-centric approach will elevate your exam performance and make you a more empathetic and practical nurse.

Form a Study Group

Ditch the solo studying! Research reveals that learning with peers skyrockets retention rates, with students remembering a whopping 90% compared to a measly 60% from lectures and 10% from solo reading. Bonus? Study groups offer encouragement and support. So, grab two nursing buddies (three’s the magic number!) and form a brain trust. Share study tips, quiz each other, and watch your grades soar!

Skim-Read First

Cramming every detail of your nursing textbooks into your brain on the first read is a recipe for burnout! Instead, approach chapters strategically. Additionally, start by skimming headings, subheadings, and critical terms to grasp the overall structure. Then, peek at the end-of-chapter summaries and questions to identify the crucial points.

This pre-reading intel lets you focus your initial read on the most essential information, making the process efficient and less overwhelming. Now you’re primed to dive deeper and truly understand the material.

Use Outside Sources

Don’t limit your learning to just textbooks and lectures! Before diving into a topic, enrich your understanding by exploring outside resources like the Mayo Clinic, WebMD, or relevant association websites. In addition, think of it as a “knowledge preview” that primes you for deeper study from your primary sources.

While these external resources offer valuable insights, remember that your textbook and instructor remain the ultimate authorities, ensuring you grasp the material accurately. So, tap into diverse learning avenues for a richer educational experience!


Nursing school poses immense challenges, from jam-packed schedules to mountains of complex material. However, strategic study methods, stress management, and peer support smooth the journey. By embracing focused learning, self-care, and collaboration, students can conquer the demands of an accelerated program.

With determination and intelligent techniques, aspiring nurses can emerge fully prepared to embark on a fulfilling career delivering compassionate care. Though the road is daunting, nurses-in-training should remember they don’t walk alone. Supportive faculty and driven peers share the trek, making the rigorous journey ultimately rewarding. However, if you are looking for the highest quality nursing essays and nursing dissertations, you can place your order here

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