COVID-Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Exploring 10 Creative COVID-Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Are you a nursing student searching for exciting and distinctive COVID-care nursing dissertation topics? Search no further! This article explores creative and thought-provoking ideas that will captivate your readers. Furthermore, they will significantly contribute to nursing during this unprecedented time.

The healthcare industry grapples with the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is a developing need for innovative research in nursing. By selecting a dissertation topic focusing on COVID-care, you can become a valuable contributor to the field and make a real difference in patient care.

Evaluating the psychological influence of the pandemic on healthcare professionals and inspecting the effectiveness of telehealth in managing COVID-19 patients, the possibilities for your dissertation are endless. You can shed light on vital aspects of COVID-care nursing and potentially pave the way for future enhancement in patient outcomes. This is only by delving into these unexplored areas.

So, let us embark on this journey together. We will discover fascinating dissertation topics that will engage your readers and leave a lasting impact on the nursing profession.

What is a COVID-Care Nursing Dissertation?

A COVID-Care Dissertation is an inclusive academic document that aims at a specialized area within the nursing field. It specifically focuses on addressing aspects related to the care, management, and impact of patients afflicted by the COVID-19 virus.

This dissertation delves into numerous dimensions of nursing practice during the pandemic. Such practices include infection prevention strategies, patient assessment and monitoring, treatment modalities, and psychological and emotional support for patients and healthcare providers. In addition, they also include health policy implications and the broader healthcare system’s response to the crisis.

Furthermore, it involves in-depth research analysis of relevant data and often includes recommendations to enhance nursing practices and patient outcomes in a global health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

10 Creative COVID-Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

In early 2020, the coronavirus pandemic sent shockwaves through the NHS as healthcare professionals battled their best to save as many lives as possible. Reflecting on the response to the pandemic will be vital for strengthening our knowledge base and becoming more resilient to pandemics. Topics for a coronavirus-related nursing dissertation could include:

An Examination of the Relationships Between COVID-19 Susceptibility and Socioeconomic Level from the Standpoint of Public Health

This COVID-Care nursing dissertation topic suggests that the study will explore how socioeconomic factors impact an individual’s susceptibility to COVID-19. In addition, it suggests an investigation into how the relationships have implications for public health strategies.

A Qualitative Examination of the Psychological Experiences of COVID-19 Hospitalized Children

This topic suggests an in-depth exploration of the emotional and psychological aspects of the children hospitalized due to COVID-19. The research falls within the domain of qualitative research. Therefore, focusing on gaining a more profound comprehension of an individual’s perspectives and experience rather than quantifying data.

Australian Nurses Under Investigation Urge an End to Violence, Sanitizer, and Mask Theft

This COVID-care dissertation topic explores nurses’ challenges during the pandemic in Australia. It will aim at instances where nurses have been subjected to violence and theft of vital supplies like sanitizers and masks.

The dissertation may delve into the influence of these issues on the nursing profession and patient care. It may also discuss why nurses are advocating for these problems to be addressed. The goal is to shed light on the challenges nurses have experienced and to emphasize the significance of supporting healthcare workers during challenging times.

To Research and Assess the Emergency Coronavirus Recommendations for Nurses and Medical Personnel Worldwide

A COVID-Care nursing dissertation with such a topic will investigate and examine the urgent guidelines provided for nurses and medical staff globally during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study delves into comprehending the specific recommendations developed to ensure the safety and effective care of healthcare workers and patients.

By assessing the protocols, the dissertation aims to shed light on their practicality, impact, and overall effectiveness in managing the challenges posed by the pandemic. The research enhances our comprehension of how healthcare systems respond to unprecedented crises. In addition, it improves the comprehension of how such guidelines impact patient outcomes and healthcare worker well-being.

Why are Nursing Homes at Risk During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

This topic explores the reasons behind the vulnerability of nursing homes to the COVID-19 pandemic. It investigates factors like the close living quarters of residents, advanced age, underlying health conditions, and the challenges of infection control within these facilities.

Moreover, the study also delves into the impact of limited resources, staffing issues, and the potential role of asymptomatic carriers in spreading the virus. The dissertation aims to provide insights into why nursing homes are specifically susceptible to outbreaks and how better strategies can be developed. This is to protect the residents and staff in similar situations.

How Could the Coronavirus Contribute to the Global Scarcity of Nurses and Doctors?

A COVID-Care Nursing Dissertation on this topic will explore how the ongoing pandemic might lead to a shortage of healthcare professionals globally. In addition, it will examine factors like elevated workload, burnout, infections among medical staff, and disruptions in education and training.

Furthermore, the dissertation can also delve into the possible long-term impacts on healthcare workforce retention and recruitment. It can also delve into the overall healthcare system resilience due to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Device Notices Smell Loss Following COVID-19

This dissertation explores how technological devices, like smartphones or apps, can assist in detecting and monitoring the loss of smell in individuals who have encountered COVID-19. Furthermore, the dissertation may delve into the importance of insomnia as a common symptom of COVID-19. It may also delve into its impact on patient’s quality of life and the potential for devices to play a role in early detection and ongoing management.

The study can also discuss how these devices work, their accuracy, and their practical applications in healthcare settings. However, it aims to bestow valuable insights into enhancing care and support for COVID-19 patients and their recovery.

New Steps to Control Coronavirus Spread

A dissertation on this topic delves into innovative strategies and approaches to limit coronavirus transmission. It may also explore recent advancements in infection prevention, patient care, and public health measures.

The dissertation can cover updated protocols for personal protective equipment usage. Others may include novel techniques for patient isolation and quarantine management, emerging vaccination strategies, and the role of telehealth in observing and treating COVID-19. The focus will be on inspecting fresh and effective ways to curb the spread of the virus. Furthermore, it can also inspect ways to enhance patient outcomes within the nursing and healthcare context.

Understanding COVID-19’s Cognitive Symptoms in Older African Americans

This topic focuses on inspecting and understanding the cognitive symptoms of COVID-19 in older African Americans. This research aims to understand better how COVID-19 may influence cognitive function, specifically among this particular demographic group.

NHS Nurses as ‘Angels’ and ‘Heroes’: An Empowering or Harmful Discourse?

This topic explores the representation and perception of nurses within the National Health Services (NHS) as both ‘angels’ and ‘heroes’. This topic delves into the societal and medial-driven narrative often portraying nurses in these roles. Moreover, it will investigate whether such portrayals are empowering or potentially harmful to the nursing profession.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the nursing profession. Nurses have been on the frontlines of the pandemic, providing care to patients and working long hours in challenging conditions.

This article has explored some potential topics for a COVID-care nursing dissertation. These topics range from the psychological influence of the pandemic on nurses to the development of new tactics for controlling the spread of the virus. By researching these topics, nursing students can significantly contribute to the field and help enhance patient care.

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