Environmental Health Dissertation Topics

10 Best Intriguing Environmental Health Dissertation Topics

Are you passionate about environmental health and eager to make an emphatic impact? Dissertation writing is vital to your academic journey if you pursue a degree in this field. However, where do you begin with so many potential environmental health dissertation topics to choose from?

This article explores the best environmental health dissertation topics to assist you in narrowing down your options. Whether you are passionate about air pollution, water contamination, climate change, or public health, a topic here will spark your interest and showcase your expertise.

With our headful curated list of dissertation topics, you will have the chance to delve deeper into areas that require further research and analysis. Therefore, you can bestow the field, and your work can also have a real-world impact. So, let us dive in and discover the best environmental health dissertation topics that will set you up for success. Your journey towards making a difference in the world begins here.

What is an Environmental Health Dissertation?

An environmental health dissertation is an inclusive and in-depth research project undertaken by a student in environmental health or related disciplines. It is a culmination of your academic journey. It is often at the postgraduate level and involves conducting original research to address pertinent issues at the intersection of human health and the environment.

This dissertation aims to understand how environmental factors like air and water quality impact human health. Other factors impacting human health may include pollution exposure, occupational hazards, climate change, and other ecological aspects.

This dissertation strives to generate new knowledge to inform policies, interventions and strategies. This is through rigorous investigation, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. This promotes a healthier and more sustainable coexistence between people and their surroundings.

1o Best Environmental Health Dissertation Topics

Environmental health dissertation topics are a steadily evolving academic discipline at all higher education, whether at the college or university levels. Environmental health research topics show evidence of nurse responsibilities in keeping abreast of environmental issues. This is within both community and public health contexts. The following is a compilation of research topics on environmental health to help you scope the most relevant and trending titles.

Environmental Challenges in Caring for People with Dementia-Analysis from the Nursing Perspective

This dissertation topic focuses on the intersection of environmental factors and the care of individuals with dementia. This is examined through the lens of nursing professionals. Additionally, this topic explores the numerous challenges of caring for individuals with dementia and their physical surroundings. Furthermore, it explores how these challenges can be addressed to improve patients’ quality of care and well-being.

Comparison of Bio Aerosol Collection Methods in the Detection of Airborne Influenza Virus

This topic suggests that the research focuses on investigating different methods for collecting and detecting influenza virus particles that are present in the air as bioaerosols. Bioaerosols are tiny airborne particles that carry biological agents. These agents may include viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Additionally, the research aims to compare numerous methods used to collect and analyze these bioaerosols containing the influenza virus.

Variability in Muscle Activity Measurements Among Clinical Ophthalmologists

This dissertation topic suggests that the study will explore the differences or inconsistencies in how clinical ophthalmologist measures. In addition, it evaluates muscle activity in the context of eye-related health conditions.

An Investigation of Carbon Nanotube Exposure Assessment Methods

The research on this topic will focus on comprehending and assessing numerous approaches used to examine the exposure of individuals to carbon nanotubes (CNTs). This is in the context of environmental health. Carbon nanotubes are nanoscale structures made of carbon atoms and have distinctive properties. This makes them valuable for numerous applications. However, concerns have been raised about their potential health and environmental impacts. This is especially in occupational settings where exposure can occur.

The Impact of the Type of Heater on the CO2/CO2 Concentrations in a Farrowing Barn

This topic examines how different heaters used in farrowing barns affect carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide concentrations. A farrowing barn is a specialized facility in animal agriculture where sows give birth to and nurse their piglets.

Environmental Health Risks for Communities Who Are Socially Disadvantaged

A dissertation on this topic aims to inspect how individuals and communities that are socially disadvantaged face distinctive challenges and vulnerabilities. This is when it comes to environmental health.

Furthermore, it aims to analyze how factors such as poverty, lack of access to resources, and discrimination can impact the exploration and effects of environmental hazards on these communities.

Clinical Ophthalmologists’ Measures of Muscle Activity Vary

This topic suggests investigating the differences in muscle activity measurements among clinical ophthalmologists. In addition, this study explores how professionals in ophthalmology evaluate and quantify muscle activity, visual functions and eye movements.

The research delves into the methodologies, tools, and techniques engaged by different ophthalmologists to measure muscle activity. This research provides valuable insights into the diversity of practices within clinical ophthalmology. In addition, it would contribute to a better comprehension of how muscle activity assessments impact diagnoses, treatments, and patient care.

The Relevance and Impact of Environmental Health on Nursing Practice in the UK-an Exploration

This dissertation topic suggests investigating how environmental factors intersect with and influence nursing practice in the UK. The research aims to comprehend the significance of environmental health considerations in nursing. Furthermore, it aims to understand these factors’ potential effects on patient care and healthcare outcomes.

The Use of Social Media in Environmental Health Nursing-a Review

This dissertation explores the integration of social media platforms within the field of environmental health nursing. The review involves an examination of how social media tools and platforms are utilized by environmental health nurses. This is to disseminate information, educate the public about environmental health issues, promote healthy behaviors, and engage with communities.

The dissertation may delve into the merits, challenges, and ethical considerations associated with using social media in this context. It can also discuss the potential impact of social media on raising awareness and enhancing communications among environmental health professionals and the general public.

Examining Worker Exposure to Inhalable Dust in Dairy Parlours

A dissertation on this topic investigates the potential health risks related to inhalable dust exposure that workers in daily parlors might face. Furthermore, this research involves a combination of fieldwork, data analysis, and a literature review to address the issue inclusively.


Environmental health is a vast and complex field with many potential dissertation topics. This article has provided a brief overview of some of the most relevant and trending topics in environmental health research. You can significantly bestow the field and help improve the health of people around the world. However, by choosing a topic that interests you and aligns with your skills and experience.

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